Dark Money & Common Core Sink Official in NY Suburbs

The Racist Problem

We do know at least $400,000 was spent attacking Astorino’s opponent by billionaire hedge funder Robert Mercer, a Trump campaign donor and strategist who proved crucial to Trump’s victory. Mercer also runs a charter school network.

Twisted Logic

Astorino did support charter and voucher schools to replace “failing” public schools, but this begged the question — how can someone simultaneously boycott the tests and also use them to rank and compare schools?

The Trump Effect

Throughout his 2016 campaign, Donald Trump vowed repeatedly he would “put an end to Common Core.” Trump knew, or should have known, that the decision to continue using Common Core standards and aligned testing shifted to the states as of December 2015. So was Trump lying or ignorant?

This video suggests he was lying, to deceive the many opt-out parents. Trump said he will “terminate Common Core out of Washington” when no such authority existed. Once elected, Trump shifted his focus to expanding charter schools and private vouchers, but in states like New York, higher-than-average Common Core test scores are the #1 marketing tool used to justify more charter schools, manufacturing a widely believed “public schools are failing” narrative.

Media coverage and polling did not discuss Common Core/opt-out issue, but the winning candidate’s website prominently opposed high-stakes federal testing mandate



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Jake Jacobs

Jake Jacobs


NYC Art Teacher, Education Reporter for The Progressive. Podcast at NYupdate.org